Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nothing but a Used-Up Old Sheet!

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Oh! But they're so much more than that! That's right, I'm using exclamation marks to express my enthusiasm for... used dryer sheets.

Am I the only one that finds this stuff exciting?

Haven't you ever wondered if anything more could become of those used dryer sheets?

Here are my top 10 re-uses for used-up old dryer sheets!

UNO. Removing Deodorant Marks

I'm not talkin' pit stains, I'm talkin' the white crap you get all over your shirt. It's a conundrum. Like what came first: the chicken or the egg? What goes on first: the shirt or the deodorant? Because either way you look at it you're kinda screwed. You are bound to get that stuff all over your shirt.

If, or should I say when you get deodorant marks on your shirt, just take a dry, used dryer sheet and start rubbing the marks away. Like magic!

DOS. Remove Stink

It's not a miracle worker - your husband's hockey gear isn't going to smell like roses. But it works great inside of stinky shoes, diaper bags, at the bottom of garbage bins, your husband's rank truck, old musty stuff. You can also put one in your vacuum bag or dresser drawers for a light fresh scent.

Take them with you if you're traveling. You'll be able to keep your clean clothes fresh and prevent all your dirty duds from stinking up the rest of your luggage.

TRES. Bug Repellent

It's true! Some might beg to differ, but I wouldn't knock it 'till you try it. Tuck a used sheet in your belt loop - or better yet - make a new fashion statement by fashioning a belt out of dryer sheets!

I'm just full of ideas!

QUATRO. Anti Static

Well that's their main purpose, isn't it? You can wipe your blinds to help keep dust from collecting so quickly. Run them through your hair for a quick static-fix. They also make great replacement Swiffer sheets.

CINCO. Pots and Pans

Make cleaning up burnt up food from pots and pans a breeze but soaking them with a dryer sheet. Thank goodness I don't need logical explanations for everything because this one has me stumped.

SEIS. Buffer

Shine up scummy shower doors, spotty glasses, or chrome faucets with a few buffs with the ol' dryer sheet.

SIETE. Duster

Dust your furniture, dust your TV, dust your computer, dust... well... anything that needs dusting. Just be sure to use them on glass screens only as it can potentially damage any other type of screen.

You can also wipe away pet hair from clothes and fabric furniture.

OCHO. Fire Kindling

This is where you can actually re-purpose a few used items from your laundry and bathroom. Take an empty toilet paper roll and stuff it with used dryer sheets and the lint from your dryer.

You have just created fire kindling.

NUEVE. Sewing Aid

Keep threads from tangling and make threading your needle a little easier by wiping your thread with the dryer sheet.

DIEZ. Bathroom Rings

I wasn't sure how to word that. But you know the annoying and embarrassing ring in your toilet? Use a dryer sheet and gently scrub away. It helps keep that stubborn ring from returning so easily.

But please, wear gloves.

And you know what!? You just saved yourself some money!

It might seem like a hassle to save all these dryer sheets for those odd times you'll use them, but think about the fact that even just "storing" them is repurposing them because they freshen any space, closet or drawer.

And you know something else? You just learned how to count to ten in Spanish. How amazing are you!?

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